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The aftermath of the Puerto Rican Festival

The aftermath of the Puerto Rican Festival continues.

It's becoming one of the most dangerous scenes. Police have a helicopter out and even a drone.

The police are taking action at this moment and they are in full force.        

The Rochester Police Department is asking people to stay indoors in some of the neighbors near the festival site. They are trying to push all the crowds away and send them home. Please do not attend with these crowds and try to avoid the area of Clinton Avenue, Joseph Avenue, Hudson Avenue, and Clifford Avenue.

RPD says they have been out in full force. They are using a helicopter and swat teams. Rochester Police stated that they have asked for assistance from but Irondequoit Police, Brighton Police and the New York State Police.

Bottles are being thrown at police at this moment. 15 people were arrested and two police officers were almost hit by a vehicle.

Rochester Police are now reopening most streets and crowds are going home.

Last updated : Friday 2:07 PM

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