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What I went through

As a young kid growing up in the streets of Rochester New York wanting to become a young journalist.

Things where not always easy and they definitely weren’t getting easier. 

You see it was way before any new station heard about me and way before I hit 200 followers not even 100. 

I used to talk to local police officers and the school resource officer which really ticked off a lot of students that went to school I was attending at the time and it didn’t help because I was small.  

You see I had multiple bullies not even one but there’s this particular one who stabbed me in the eye with a pencil his name was "Treveon Gates" he used to torture me throw food at me even slap me in the back of the head. 

I later then became traumatized scared to go to school I hated school and I kept pushing well at least tried. 

Then I was in seventh grade and I had my first break on a news station in city of Rochester that was the first new station I’ve ever been on and after that day I felt special.  

But the next day I went to school the bullying had gotten worse. I had my phone taken drag down the hallways it was literally torture.

I was even sexually harassed and 3 boys tried to do sexual things to me in the locker room it was horrible very hard for me to speak on I just I don’t know. 

My mother had no idea what to do because we’ve never been in a situation like this. We were losing strength. 

I started thinking about committing suicide hurting myself doing all the worse. My mother try transferring me but the district was being so difficult it was hard.

I’ve been bullied  in other schools but not like this one. Just imagine how many others went through the same thing as I did and nothing has actually been done. 

The teachers and staff that were working at the school told me they didn’t have time for that it’s like they didn’t even care didn’t show any respect at all. 

I attempted to commit suicide three times due to bullying sitting in the hospital with other people with different illnesses had me thinking. Alot of things are going to my head at the time.

You see being bullied is not a choice it’s forcefully put on you it can really make a person think about suicide other things and so much more. 

I thought I was never going to make it I thought I was never going to make it to another year my mother had to go downtown to the Board of Education scream and yell her head off to finally get me transferred to a safer school. 

But these reasons today is why bullying is uncontrollable because a lot of people don’t know how serious it is and how it can take a toll on a person. 

And still today I get bullied cyber bullied harassed when I’m riding my bike some people call me a snitch or even curse at me and try to throw things at me and I still keep going.

Some people pertain a journalist to a snitch which is wrongful and it doesn’t make sense at all but hopefully things will change in the future things will be different not only for me but for everyone. 

So that’s why I will never give up I will keep pushing I won’t just reach for the sky I will reach for the stars.

My name is Geoffery Rogers and this is what I went through. 

Published: 6/10/2019 8:35PM Updated : 6/10/2019 8:35PM 

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