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Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Rochester, New York was one the largest protest and peaceful

Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Rochester, New York was one of the largest protests in Rochester, which continued to be peaceful. 

The Black Lives Matter protest began at 12 P.M. 

The Black Lives Matter protest had nearly 1000 people. Rochester Police Department was there, but only to block intersections.

The protest combined with another protest that happening at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park, where Mayor Lovely Warren joined others at the protest.

The Black Lives Matter protest at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park started at 1 P.M. and the entire protest ended at 6:05 P.M.

Here’s a video of the event -

I spoke to 3 young ladies who help organize the event at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park.  I asked them what their goals were for the event.  One female said she wants the world to see this and black people have to take care of their selves. The other girl said Black Lives Matters should be cherished each and every day

I also spoke to a known activist Geary bka kholaa, who stated “my goal is to make sure people are protected and this is more than just a Black Lives Matter movement it’s for everybody.” 

There are more planned protests in the future.  Organizers say they want to keep these protests as peaceful as possible and stay out of law enforcement way.


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