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Assemblyman Demond Meeks announces re-election campaign

Thursday night Assemblyman Demond Meeks announced he will be running for re-election for assemblyman. He represents the 137th district in Rochester New York.

Geoffery Rogers of GSL News interviewed Demond Meeks. It seemed he had a high passion for the city of Rochester, New York and helping the city become better.

Demond Meeks Has been in office since November 2020. If he wins, this will be 3rd term as an assemblyman.

Demond Meeks, who took over and succeeded David Gantt after his death in 2020. The district he's running for covers most of the City of Rochester and the town of Gates.

Demond Meeks is going against current Councilmember of Rochester Willie Lightfoot. His campaign was announced back in October.

Councilmember Lightfoot has been serving in the city of Rochester for the last 20 years. He was also a Rochester firefighter before he retired after wanting to serve the community in a different way.


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