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Former Greece Police Chief charged with DWI

On Monday afternoon around 2:30pm the Monroe County District Attorney, Sandra Doorley announced that former Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe is being charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, which is a traffic citation. Doorley also stated that former Chief Forsythe will be charged with DWI, which is a misdemeanor.

Former Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe was involved in a crash back on October 21, when he crashed his city issued police vehicle while driving on 390 around 1:00am. During the crash, former Police Chief Forsythe stated that a deer had ran out in front of him and that he swerved to avoid hitting the deer, instead he struck the guardrail. Forsythe then drove approximately 5 miles on 3-wheels before radioing into Greece Police that he was involved in a crash.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office is still investigating the officers who were on scene the morning of the crash to see what role they played.

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