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Lil Perco and Kodak Bills beef has the Internet fired up

The controversial relationship between Rapper Lil perco and comedian Kodak Bills Started months ago after disagreements on a Instagram live.

Kodak Bills continued to disagree with a lil Perco on the music industry.

Months ago Kodak Bills and Lil perco did a collab on a YouTube video and everything seemed fine then but things took a turn.

Lil perco and Kodak Bills started arguing over videos and social media.

Kodak Bills released a new song called Perco Pack and in one of his lyrics he says “perco you need to stop fake views fake dreadlocks”.

Lil perco said on a Instagram live Wednesday night he’s not “tripping over the situation I’m trending right now and I’m not saying nothing”.

Lil perco explained in his Instagram live video his dreads are extensions he states “many rappers are doing it they’re just afraid on what people are going to say”.

Some people are concerned about the situation others are making Memes and funny videos.

In a video released by Jaquan Carvin a TikTok influencer. Him and Justyn Birmingham are listening to Lil Perco when Jaquan Carvin gets out the car Justyn Birmingham switch is the song to Kodak Bills new released song and Birmingham gets kicked out. This was a skit but has many hyped the beef.

Kodak Bills and Lil perco declined for questioning.

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