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Local organization helps Rochesterian’s fight COVID

On Saturday The Vineyard Farm and Outdoor Center For Excellence campaigned through parts of Rochester promoting COVID-19 awareness. Going by the name of Operation Lightspeed the group of about 1,000 volunteers delivered COVID kits, PPE supplies to over 4,000 households in the 14605 neighborhoods.

Operation Lightspeed advised that the 14605-zip code is one of Rochester’s local areas with the lowest vaccination rates.

Vineyard Farm, which is located on Sander Street in Rochester has helped numerous low-income families daily. Sister Marsha Allen stated that she along with mayoral primary winner Malik Evans, and other volunteers are trying to get supplies to those who might not have access to them, or the ability to pay for them. Some of the supplies they are handing out include digital thermometers, masks, and gloves.

Malik Evans stated “I want schools to be open. I want us to not have to worry about putting masks back on.”

Vineyard Farm will be open each Saturday from now through September offering COVID-19 vaccinations.

For more information you can call Sister Mary Allen ay (951)543-5778 or email her at


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