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Main Street Armory shut down after multiple people killed at GloRilla concert in Rochester New York

On Wednesday March 8 the Rochester Police Department announced that they will be denying the renewal of the entertainment license for the Main Street Armory.  This comes after an incident that occurred at the Main Street Armory back on March 5.  At that time, recording artists GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes were performing when a shooting occurred.  

When the shooting began, concert goers began to run for the exits causing a stampede.  The stampede resulted in 7 people being injured with one of the being in critical condition.  Three (3) other individuals were killed.

In a letter sent to Scott Donaldson, the owner of the Main Street Armory, the Rochester Police Department state " This denial mean you cannot have any public entertainment, which includes concerts, amplified music, and athletic events or games, including volleyball or cheerleading."

The rapper GloRilla posted. "I'm just now hearing about what happened wtf praying everybody is ok"

The Main Street Armory was built between 1904 and 1907 and was used by the United States Army for training and processing of soldiers.  In 1990, the New York National Guard left the facility, which caused the facility to fall apart. 

In the mid-2000's the Armory was purchased and rebuilt into a main area to hold events.  The building is able to accommodate up to 6,500 people.  

A 3rd victim has died after a stampede at a concert at the Main Street Armory. Aisha Haskins is the victims name and she is from Syracuse.


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