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Monroe High School Football team going to the sectionals finals after 40 years

Rochester, New York Monroe high school football team is going to the sectionals after 40 years.

Monroe high school has been on a strive to being nearly undefeated in this year's season

Players like Nazhier Wilson with 15 runs 73 yards with a touchdown are a big advantage to the team this year.

Monroe high schools latest game, defeating HFL 12 - 7.

Monro high school has the youngest football team going into sectionals.

Monroe High School latest game stats:

Score: Monroe 12 HFL 7

Khama Moses 11-16 130 1 TDs

Messiah Hampton 5 catches 50 Yds 1 TD.

Jayden Ferrell 1 catch 40 yds.

8 tackles 2.5 sacks .

Nazhier Wilson 15 Carries 73 yards 1 TD.

10 Tcakles 1 TFL 1 INT.

Roberto Robinson 8 carries 40 yds.

Dashon Constantine 8 tackles

Noah Mather 7 tackles. 1 PBU

Source: PrimeTime


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