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New building for artist in rochester in the works

Jack West, Jennifer West and family released a statement , Jack, Noah and I are very much music fans. It is a pastime that brings the 4 of us together., be it going to music festivals, concerts or making our travel revolve around different shows ….including shows Jack performs at.

After much talk we came to the conclusion that we want to be more involved in the Rochester music scene and help the vast surplus of talent in our community.

We want to create a space that brings the entire community together and spotlights all original music and musicians regardless of genre!

We have decided to make a 150-200 seated theatre in the old Downstairs Cabert building.

Our vision is to provide artist and the audience a high end space , acoustically advanced to ensure a great listening and visual experience.

Not only are we going to create this venue, we are also building apartments on the second floor that will be suitable for traveling artist and well as our new home!

We are all in on this and are extremely excited ! We are in the early stages of the process as well as just the beginning of the ideas we have for the space! So stay tuned and we will share more as we get closer..

Jennifer, Chris, Jack and Noah West

There’s no official date when the building will be complete the construction is set to start soon and could take up to a year and a half to finish.

GSL SHOW will provide updates on the story.


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