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Protest in Rochester New York after a nine-year-old girl was pepper sprayed by police

On Monday organizers decided to protest after a nine-year-old girl in Rochester New York was pepper sprayed by police. The protest began in the inner city of Rochester New York and made its way to North Clinton Avenue at one of the cities police stations. The protest be in peacefully in the streets of Rochester after marching and protesting for a few hours the protesters then started tearing down barricades that police set up to keep away from the police station.

At one point police were saying over a loudspeaker “This is the Rochester Police Department please exit the area immediately”. organizers tells GSL SHOW they “will continue protesting until their actions are accounted for and the officers are fired“.

Officers over the RPD police scanner said if they get in officers will not be able to hold that position making a dangerous situation for citizens and police officers. Some organizers try to calm down the crowds and says “They will be back another day with more people and more power“.

The protest ended with no arrest made and no injuries to officers or citizens and no charges have been pressed at this moment.


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