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Rochester City School District facing bus driver shortage

As the Rochester City School District prepares for the 2021-2022 school year, teachers say Zoom learning is not an option. The Rochester City School Board not only is dealing with teacher and student concerns, but also the concerns of how the students will get to school.

One major issue the Rochester City School District is having, is finding bus drivers. Rochester City School District Superintendent Dr. Leslie Myers-Small stated that “Some of my former students in the Rochester City School District have personally reached out to me and asked me what it will take to be a bus driver.”

Teachers are hoping that a deal can be made between the district and its partnering agencies to make busing possible. Many teachers believe that Zoom learning is just not an option, and the students need to be in class.

The Rochester City School District will be having an emergency meeting via Zoom on Sunday at 6:30pm to discuss the transportation issues and the school bus driver shortage. Parents will be able to live-stream the meeting on the Rochester City School District’s Facebook, Youtube pages, and the district website.

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