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Rochester police officer dragged by suspects car and shots being fired by police

Rochester police chief, David Smith confirms just before 12 A.M Thursday night a Rochester police officer entered the gas station store at 390 Culver Road when he was notified of one person stealing from the store.

Police say, during the initial investigation, the suspect attempted to flee the scene in a vehicle. The officer then was dragged and fired, at least one round, striking the suspect at least once to the upper body.

The Rochester police officer then was thrown from the vehicle. The vehicle then sped off northbound on Culver Road.

A short time later police received 911 calls reporting that amount have been shot on Atlantic Avenue and Anderson Avenue that male was the suspect.

The officer who was involved was transported to highland hospital where he was being treated, and was released for non life-threatening injuries.

Additional information release from police states that suspect vehicle had been reported stolen to the Rochester Police Department on December 19th.

The Rochester police major crime units will be conducting the investigations.

“This is once again, a reminder of the dangers our officers continue to face while serving our community” police wrote in a statement.


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