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Singer R. Kelly suing jail for emotional distress

On June 29, singer/songwriter R. Kelly was found guilty on eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering.

Just days after, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking, he was placed in suicide watch. Now R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Detention Center claiming they wrongfully put him on suicide watch. Kelly claims that staff at the prison knew he was not suicidal, but still put him on suicide watch, where he is being subject to cruel and unusual punishment. Kelly is also claiming that the single cell he is in, does not have bed rails, shower, shaving or toilet paper. He is being forced to eat meals with his hands and he is unable to communicate with his loved ones.

The singer is seeking $100 million dollars in damages for emotional distress.

Reports indicate that once R. Kelly serves his 30 years sentence, he is facing another trail in Chicago for child sex images and obstruction charges, plus charges of prostitution and solicitation of a minor in Minnesota.


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