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 Geoffery Rogers

 Inspiring young Journalists that drives change. 


GSL News Mission statement

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Geoffery Rogers Report news in Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas. He put his hard effort into journalism and covering stories. He makes sure GSL News reports on the facts and staying unbiased. He works in the community, inspiring others to make a difference in the community through his reporting. 

Geoffery Rogers

Geoffery Rogers

Geoffery Rogers was born At Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester New York on January 12th, 2002 and raised in Rochester New York Geoffrey Rogers started news reporting in 2014 when he lived in a high crime rated area and that's how he discovered how news reporters do their jobs.
He asked his mother (LaCarla Carter) for a Phone in December 2014. Geoffery Rogers was given  a phone for a Christmas gift the next day he was off he made his Facebook page call GSL News which stands for Geoffery Show Live he started walking and riding his bike around the neighborhoods finding something to report on his first thing he reported on was a car accident on Joseph Avenue that was December 27th, 2014. 

Geoffery Rogers continued reporting for 4 more years and day after day school during the summertime. Geoffery Rogers was discovered in 2015 by News 10 NBC after doing a short story about his beginning journalist career. Being on news 10 NBC in 2015 he continued his journalism writing stories going to crime scenes shooting house fires he even started going to high school sports. 

The next year Geoffery Rogers was disclosed again by the Democrat and Chronicle (A news media company in Rochester New York) he said it was weird the guy started following me around asking police officers about me so then I asked him who you are he explained to be been, and then he did a story on him, and that's when things set off for Geoffery Rogers. 

He made a go fund me to raise money for camera equipment the goal was $2,000 he reached the goal lest then 4 days. Geoffery Rogers was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres Show CBS This Morning and so many others. On November 25th, 2016 Geoffery Rogers was robbed a Family Dollar on North Clinton Avenue and Upper Falls Boulevard in Rochester New York police were called and the suspect was never found the camera equipment and bicycle was never found.
Geoffery Rogers received a new bicycle in 2017 that was granted to him by a Monroe County Sheriff officer. Also another a GoFundMe was made the goal $2,000 the gold was reached Less Than 3 days. 
Geoffery Rogers continued reporting taking his journalism career to the fullest. Geoffery Rogers has gained over 10,000 followers most of them on Facebook. Geoffery Rogers is still pursuing his journalism career reporting on house fires crime festivals and more. As of 2021, Geoffery Rogers has his website called

GSL on a story

GSL News

GSL News  is a media news company located in Rochester New York. GSL News was created and founded on December 26th, 2014 by founder and CEO Geoffery Rogers. It was originally made to become a talk show but took a turn and started going in the news business. 

GSL News  has been recognized by other media news networks and shows and Rochester City's mayor Lovely Warren who was elected in 2014. GSL News was nominated for outstanding news and media programming of the year by the Rochesters black men achievement awards in 2018 of January.
GSL News has a website created by Geoffery Rogers who is currently running the media news company on his own with some extra help behind the scenes.
GSL News is currently still producing public news majority of the news comes from Rochester New York.

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