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missing 14-year-old boy in Rochester still not found

Rochester, N.Y. - Rochester Police are searching for a missing 14-year-old boy with autism in Rochester.

According to police, 14-year-old Treyvan Rowe got on the bus to go to School No. 12 early Thursday.

He was last seen getting off the school bus at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, but police say he did not enter the school. He did not return home.

Treyvan was last seen wearing a black nautical coat with fur trim, jeans, and red Nike sneakers.

Police say they conducted a search in the area of Highland Park and Mt. Hope Cemetery Thursday night. Dozens of volunteers continued to search the park Friday morning and afternoon.

According to Treyvan Rowe's cousin, DeToya McCoy, Treyvan does not know the area well and has never walked away from school in the past.

She believes he got on the bus and lost his phone Thursday morning, which upset him.

McCoy says instead of going into the school, he left. She says surveillance video shows him leaving the area after getting off the bus.

AutismUp, a local non-profit that serves individuals and families with autism, is asking for volunteers to meet at the Al Sigl main entrance at the corner of Elmwood and South Avenues. They will be helping to search for Rowe in areas of Highland Park.

Investigators say new information suggests that crews look for him in wooded areas. Officers and members of City Security have been searching these areas, assisted by a helicopter from the State Police.

Last Updated : 3/9/2018  

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