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Jeremy Kappell The former meteorologist files lawsuit

In a statement Jeremy Kappel tells us "The decision to file a lawsuit against the station was a difficult one. However, we felt it was a necessary one considering the damage done to my reputation, career and the future livelihood of our family. I believe this could have been avoided if the station had shown any real effort to work with us towards a resolution." 

He also ends with this "This lawsuit is necessary, not just for the defense of myself and family, but for the next person who comes into a similar circumstance. Injustice only breeds more injustice. Someone has to stand up for it to stop." 

You probably don’t remember but back in January I met up with Jeremy Kappel and did a  interview with him he explains in our video that he tried to say sorry and explain his self but the station did not let them would let him. Now the Former WHEC Channel 10 meteorologist Jeremy Kappell filed a lawsuit Monday afternoon. Jeremy Kappel is still looking for jobs and opportunities he still is on local radio shows and has his own weather broadcast show on Facebook and YouTube

This is a developing story and we will have more information as we get them.

Last Updated 4/15/2019 11:46PM

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