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Mother and daughter shot on Ripley Street

A mother and daughter walking into a home on a Rochester street were shot Monday night. 

Rochester Police Capt. Frank Umbrino said an 8-year-old girl and her 21-year-old mother were shot outside a home on Ripley Street, which runs between Goodman Street and Webster Avenue. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening. Both were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

Umbrino said a third individual was grazed by gunfire. That person is being interviewed about what happened, he said. "This was not a random act," Umbrino said. The suspect shot from the street at an intended target, missed, and struck the mother and daughter, he said. The victims are related to the intended target, Umbrino said. "It's just unfortunate that an 8-year-old gets caught in an adult's horrible decisions," he said. 

Published: 7/1/2019 9:30PM

Updated : 7/1/2019 9:45PM  

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