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30 people arrested after protest during executive order of no large gatherings

After 11 P.M. last night a large group gathered to protest against an executive order put in place July 15, 2020 by Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren. The executive order states a ban on large public gatherings after 11 P.M.. Organizers of the protest tells me this was not a part of the protest and after the marching people should’ve went home.

The Rochester Police Department and Monroe County Sheriff‘s Office arrived at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park where the gathering was taking place. They arrested 30 people. None of the protesters resisted arrest and as people were carried away in handcuffs others protestors began to chant for them.

There has been an increase in violence in the Rochester area over the last week. The order was also put in place after six people were shot on North Clinton Avenue on July 11, 2020. There has also been large parties and gatherings over 100 people and the mayor says this has to stop.

The Rochester Police listed the names of those arrested:

  • Katherine Adamides, 35, of Rochester

  • Mary Adams, 54, of Rochester

  • Joseph Allman, 21, of Williamson

  • Erik Bardo, 32, of Marion

  • Brendan Boehner, 29, of Rochester

  • Alexander Comardo, 41, of Rochester

  • Jeremy Dobner, 30, of Rochester

  • Timothy Dunn, 27, of Rochester

  • Amanda Flannery, 32, of Rochester

  • Rebecca Goldfeder, 50, of Rochester

  • Solomon Gominiak, 26, of Rochester

  • Terik Grandoit, 28, of Rochester

  • Taylor Howarth, 25, of Rochester

  • Ryan Howe, 26, of Rochester

  • Rose Kim, 25, of Rochester

  • Darien Lamen, 38, of Rochester

  • Emma Leigh, 33, of Filmore

  • Andrea Leverenz, 26 of Hamlin

  • Joe Mangano, 34, of Rochester

  • Indiaa Maring, 20, of Rochester

  • Philip Mogavero, 32, of Rochester

  • Naomi Moore, 27, of Rochester

  • Susanna Moore, 25, of Rochester

  • Ryan Mullaney, 26, of Rochester

  • Sarah Mae Richens, 37, of Rochester

  • Michael Sportiello, 25, of Rochester

  • Emma Van Hise, 26, of Rochester

  • Emily White, 27, of Rochester

  • Sofi Wolfanger-Vitale, 21, of Rochester

  • Zachary Yaro, 26, of Rochester


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