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Double homicide at the Sunoco on Reynolds Street and West Main Street

Police confirmed two people are dead after being shot at the Sunoco on West Main Street and Reynolds Street. The shooting occurred around 11:45 P.M. Thursday night with 911 calls coming in for a person shot then upgraded to two people shot.

When Police arrived on scene they found two males shot in the upper body one male was transported to the hospital and was pronounced dead moments later. The second male was pronounced dead on scene. There are no suspects in custody and there is an ongoing investigation. The victims has also been identified as Nazier McFadden, 21 who was pronounced dead at the scene and the second victim was 19-year-old Amir Starks, was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital by ambulance where he later died.

Police is also asking anyone who has information on the shooting to please call 911.


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