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Local rapper Lil Perco “Get Back” song hits the top charts.

Local rapper known as Lil Perco released a song on April 1, 2020 called “Get Back”. In some of his lyrics he says “I’ve been trying to work hard to earn that”. Meaning he’s been working hard to earn his respect and earn his way in the rap community. In his song he also shined light on Rochester, New York, his hometown saying in of one of his lyrics “I’m doing this for my city I’m going to represent“ showing in the video the 585 area code.

His video has reached over 10,000 people in less than 48 hours. The song ”Get Back” has inspired people around the City and world to sing his song on Instagram, Snapchat and various social media sites.

Geoffery Rogers ,a Journalist spoke to the Lil Perco on the phone and he says ”I want nothing but good for my community, I have too much going for my self to let anyone bring me down.”

Lil Perco is very known locally and nationally. He has released previous songs of his own. Songs like “Ride“ and “Up N Downs“ which has reached thousands of viewers and listeners.

Lil Perco also performed at the 2019 Step Jam in Rochester, New York bringing over 2000 people.

We spoke to one of his fans which will remain unknown at this time, she says she loves his music and even though he goes to my school I never seen someone so passionate.


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