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Multiple people shot, one person dead on Illinois Street and Atlantic Avenue

Around 11:30 PM Tuesday night Rochester police officers responded to Illinois Street and Atlantic Avenue for reports of a fight then after that shots being fired in the area.

Upon officer's arrival victims started showing up at Rochester General Hospital with gunshot wounds.

One victim was pronounced dead in Rochester General Hospital a short time after.

Five people were shot, including the victim, who was killed, who has been not been identified yet.

Friends, family members, and more gathered in Rochester General Hospital to grieve and to see if they're loved one was OK.

While officers were investigating a fifth shooting victim in his 20s showed up at Strong Memorial Hospital, where his status is currently unknown.

A vehicle was seen towed away from the scene to the Rochester public safety building. It is unsure how this vehicle is involved or related to the shooting.

Police officers describing the scene with "there's blood all over the place."

Rochester Police say the Illinois Street shooting happened at an address that was being rented out to shoot rap video. Police say 20 to 30 people were in the home when the shooting happened. The video was to commemorate a murder victim from years ago.

Rochester police identify the victim who was fatally shot on Illinois Street as 24 year old Jahkeem Douglas.

19, 20, 22, and a 30 year old was shot.

24–year-old Jahkeem Douglas was killed.

There are no suspects in custody and police are asking anyone with any information to come forward or call 911.

The area is now open to the public again.


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