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Two shot with one custody on Vinewood Place

Around 7:50 PM Rochester police officers receive reports of shots being fired on Vinewood Place.

When officers responded to the call they also received information of a person being shot at the scene, officers arrived on the scene they did locate one male who had been shot. The victim is an 18-year-old male city resident. He suffered from at least one gunshot wound to the lower body.

Well officers were investigating they received information that the gunshot victim who arrived at Strong and Maria hospital by a private vehicle.

Another victim a 15-year-old male city resident who also suffered at least gun shot wound to the upper body.

The 18-year-old victim who was shot is believed to be the suspect of the shooting.

It is unclear if any other individuals were involved that would be determined further into the investigation.

Further details on the story will be available here on this GSL SHOW article.


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