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11 people arrested in Rochester after protest, fireworks thrown at officers, protesters sprayed

For the 3rd night in a row, Rochester, NY streets have turned to protest. On September 4, 2020 protestors arrived at MLK Park to protest the death of Daniel Prude. While at the gathering at MLK Park, numerous organizers spoke. Then, Daniel Prude’s brother spoke. After speaking on the death of Daniel, the protestors then began to march through the streets of Rochester.

The protest began peaceful, but then became unruly when they came across people eating at local restaurants along Alexander Street. The protestors began to flip tables and throw chairs. The protesters continue to march toward Court Street chanting “No Justice, No Peace”. As the protestors marched toward the Public Safety Building, Rochester Police Officer’s in tactical gear were standing by. Some of the protestors began yelling at law enforcement, other’s threw objects, set off fireworks, and set a bus bench and dumpster on fire. The Rochester Police Officer’s retaliated by firing pepper spray into the crowd.

Some of the protestors had umbrella’s, homemade wood shields, and masks as they were prepared for the pepper spray.

The protestors headed back toward MLK Park shortly after midnight, before ending the protest.

11 individuals were arrested during the protest. 3 officers were injured.

More protests are planned around the Rochester area over the Labor Day weekend.


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