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How GSL SHOW covers stories all over

Most of our viewers have noticed that GSL SHOW has been covering stories all over the City of Rochester and other extended areas such as Greece and Henrietta. 

This is due to the increase in funding and donations that were received, which allows me to be able to cover news all over the City of Rochester and those extended areas. We’ve also released a new program for the 2019 year.  

We are able to publish news faster and easier with the help of are viewers donations. 

And if you where curious how I Geoffery Rogers get to the story’s. 

Most of the time I’m in the right place at the right time. 95% of GSL SHOW stories I usually travel to by bicycle, which saves gas and helps the climate at the same time. 

You may know GSL SHOW is the only new station that covers the news in the City of Rochester by bicycle.

The other 5% of traveling is by Uber or other sources.  

You’re also probably wondering how fast do I go on my bicycle, well I go pretty fast. Be cautious of others and making sure to stay in shape allowing. 

Most of the times when I first started it was terrifying. To see blood, people shot, or stabbed over the years I just got used to it. 

I used to be scared being outside on my own past 11PM at night, but when you’re passionate about something you got to do what you gotta do. 

Hopefully, if I keep doing this long enough, I might be able to get a full ride scholarship and show others you can really do it because hard work will pay off someday. 

Published: 6/04/2019 4:12PM

Updated : 6/04/2019 4:12PM  

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