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GSL SHOW Extends News coverage hours

As a way of giving our viewers the best coverage possible GSL SHOW has extended its hours to 3:30AM 

The reason we extended our hours is because we wanted our viewers to feel comfortable when they are sleep at night we’re giving you the news for the morning. 

Also one of the other reasons is crime and housefires are starting to happen around the time we extended.

We want our viewers to fully rely on us for news sources. We want them to know that we are and will give you the best coverage and news possible. 

The extended hours are only temporary for the summer and when September comes we will go back to our normal hours. But will extend the hours for the weekends. 

This comes with safety precautions so Geoffery Rogers will be equipped with some things to keep him safe. We can’t fully disclose what those things are for safety precautions but just know Geoffery Rogers is and will be safe. 

Published: 7/8/2019 1:15PM

Updated : 7/8/2019 1:15PM

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