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Police officer attacked while arresting suspect

A Rochester Police officer was injured after he was punched in the back of the head while trying to make an arrest. The alleged incident happened after police were trying to arrest a man on Champlain Street who had a warrant, according to Capt. Frank Umbrino. That man took off, Capt. Umbrino said. While officers chased him on foot, an officer called out that they thought they were being shot at. The suspect was caught on Jefferson Avenue and was found to have a loaded handgun on him, Capt. Umbrino said. However, that gun had not been fired. Body camera footage shows "what could possibly have been a gunshot" but it has not yet been determined if a gun was fired at police. While making the arrest of the suspect, someone came up and punched an officer in the back of the head. That individual was taken into custody. The injured officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but is expected to be okay. A crowd of between 50 to 100 people were on hand while officers tried to make the arrest, Umbrino said, making an already tense situation more complicated. "We responded as if the officer had been shot at. We just didn't know. " Umbrino said. "It was certainly a scary moment for the officers as well as everybody coming to assist the officers." Police have not yet released the names of those charged in connection with Tuesday's incidents. Published: 8/7/2019 11:30PM

 Updated : 8/7/2019 11:46PM 

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