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Black Lives Matter march in Rochester New York

The Black Lives Matter protest turned into a march from Parcel 5 through Park Avenue. 

The march was about 1 hour and 30 minutes then ended at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park on Chestnut Street in Rochester, New York. 

The march was peaceful, but at one moment on our GSL SHOW Facebook live stream people started surrounding a New York State trooper police car.  Some in the march notified others to tone it down and remain peaceful.

During the marching protesters were chanting to neighbors in the neighborhoods to come out of their homes and join the march. 

Here’s a video from the protest -

Some neighbors did join the march, which remained peaceful.  Some residents waved signs from their porches or front lawns. Some signs said Black Live Matter and no discrimination. 

There are more marches and protests planned for the future.  Organizers say they will continue doing this as long as things remain peaceful and safe.


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