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Mayor Warren releases her Police Reform proposal

On Thursday Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren released her proposed plan on Police Reform for the City of Rochester. Some of the changes she wants to make, is ratifying police union contracts, being able to terminate officers for immediate cause, and reduce the number of officers within the department.

Mayor Warren is also calling for more funding to programs to help with mental health calls. Warren says “the Rochester Police Department CIT program is an important tool for ensuring the Rochester Police officers have the requisite skills to respond appropriately to a mental health crisis.” With that Warren also stated that she wants to “support the newly formed PIC team, and evaluate its work, and invest accordingly for its success.”

The PIC Team, which stands for Persons In Crisis was formed in October of 2020 and consists of social workers and mental health professionals.

The Rochester Police Locust Club released the following statement regarding the Mayor Warren’s proposal:

“The members of the Rochester Police Locust Club look forward to thoroughly analyzing the mayor’s draft and then providing her with the input that she has requested. Since we have yet to be allowed any involvement in this process, we are hopeful that our input will be given strong and serious consideration.”

You can see Mayor Lovely Warren’s Police Reform proposal by clicking on the following link:


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