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Rochester hits 50 homicides from January 2019 to June 2020.

The Rochester Police Department major crimes unit confirms there have been 50 homicides in the city of Rochester since last year January 2019.

Stating this on their Twitter account. “Of the 50 victims - 4 were on parole & 2 on probation. Of the 31 arrests - 5 were on Parole & 2 on Probation. Of the 19 open cases - 6 prime suspects are on Parole & 2 are on Probation. In summary 21 of the last 50 murder victims/suspects were/are on Parole or Probation”

Theres 5 more months to go in the 2020 year. Last year there were 33 homicides at the end of the 2019. This year there has been 16 homicides in the city of Rochester as of July 3, 2020

In 2013 there’s was 41 homicides that was the recent highest number in the last decade.

There has been over 65 shootings in the city of Rochester New York and over 45 stabbings in 2020 this also includes shooting with no one hit.


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